Presentation Information

We appreciate your dedication to this conference. The following guidelines will help you design and prepare for an exciting presentation.

Oral Presentation

  1. Please check the session schedule on the web to see the time and date of your presentation.
  2. The duration of each presentation slot is approximately 10-15 minutes. It includes a 9-11 minutes presentation and 2-3 minutes for discussion.
  3. Please arrive at the assigned meeting room 10 minutes before the session begins and report to the session chair.
  4. All meeting rooms are equipped with digital projectors and laptop computer (MS Windows operating system with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  5. You may bring your personal laptop, CD-ROM, or USB flash memory containing the file for presentation (MS PowerPoint format). Files must be uploaded to the laptop in the meeting rooms during the coffee break between the sessions. In addition, we would strongly advise all presenters to make a copy of the presentation in PDF format as a backup.

Poster Presentation

Please hand your poster to the staff before the poster session and we will help you arrange your poster. Due to the size limitation of the displaying board, all posters should be readied within 160cm (in height) * 60cm (in length). Please refer to the following table for poster displaying time of each sessions:
Session Date & Time
Poster Session I April 23th, 10:30
Poster Session II April 23th, 14:30
Poster Session III April 24th, 10:30